DOG SCHOOL | What is an online dog school?


The variety of online offers relating to dogs and dog training has increased significantly in recent years. Online dog schools with general course content or specific dog training are inevitable. 

There are online courses in which the dog trainer accompanies the dog-human team on the way to becoming a family dog, courses that address specific issues such as walking on a leash or go into the area of ​​dog sports. There is now a suitable online offer for every dog ​​person when it comes to dogs.


The Vitomalia online dog school takes place online, as the name suggests. You will receive access to your member area, where you will find all the courses you have chosen. Each course is divided into several weeks. Every week, as a dog trainer, you will deal with a key topic in dog education and dog training. The main topic is activated weekly as an entire module for the week so that you can organize the dog training sessions yourself. You will be given daily exercises, tasks or content that you can implement together with your dog. No stress! You divide up the dog training sessions as suits you and your dog best. Once you have finished a lesson, you can mark it as “done” so that you know how much you and your dog have learned. 

There are groups and forums for each topic where you can exchange ideas with us and other dog people who are also completing the course. 

In your member area you have the opportunity to network with other dog people and plan walks together.


First of all, you have to differentiate between online dog training and general tips via social media. 

You can find general dog training tips on dog blogs, as YouTube videos or posts on social media. You will learn the basics of dog training in small topics, without an overall context. What is missing from the tips and tricks is the common thread that leads an overall concept with a methodical approach to a goal. You can read or watch blogs or YouTube videos about walking on a leash, but you won't get a detailed breakdown from start to finish. 

In order to structure dog training sensibly from start to finish, it is necessary to use an online dog school. Here you will receive a comprehensive concept with training plans and assistance from a dog trainer. The course lasts several weeks and each module is presented to you in step-by-step instructions. 

Important advantages of an online dog school are in the blog “What is the difference between an online and offline dog school?” listed and explained. In an online dog school you get access to a member area compared to blogs and tips. The course is structured with detailed explanations, videos and training plans and you can exchange ideas with the dog trainer and the course members.


When it comes to imparting knowledge on a broad level, the online dog school scores much better than an offline dog school. Course content is accessible to course participants at any time and can be accessed multiple times. Compared to normal dog school, online dog school is appealing to all types of learners. At the online dog school you have the opportunity to watch content and training in the form of videos, rewind it, watch it again, read the content in writing and go through training plans with your dog.

You have the opportunity to learn the knowledge of dog training and dog training in your own way. During the course you will be guided by a dog trainer.

When implemented with your dog, the online course can teach you, give you tips and find solutions to problems.


Vitomalia's online dog school builds up the course content with daily learning inputs. You no longer attend dog school once or twice a week, but learn new things every day. You receive information, learning content and training at your fingertips every day. If you can't make it on one day, postpone the dog training to another day. 

If you need a longer period of time for dog training, you can practice with your dog for several days. Dog training is not a competition, but a shared process that respects both of your abilities and possibilities. Compared to normal dog school, you adapt the pace to you and your dog. 

Your course at the Vitomalia online dog school shows you how much you and your dog were able to achieve and learn. Dog training is a holistic process that takes place every day and we accompany you. Thanks to the course, your dog is sufficiently exercised every day and the shared activity strengthens your relationship.


Every dog ​​is different. At Vitomalia online dog school we make sure to consider many options and dog types. The online courses allow you to support your dog as he is. The pressure to perform is eliminated. Individuality concerns your dog's learning speed, reward type and training method. 

Not every dog ​​is enthusiastic about food, other dogs are hectic, some dogs are lazy. We – Lui and Paulina – have two dogs that are different. Vito is our balanced and cozy type of dog who loves food and toys. Amalia is a bundle of energy who accepts food but is always enthusiastic about play and interaction. As dog trainers, we give you tips for your dog's individuality in the courses. In our courses we show you both types of dogs in dog training. The different needs of dogs make the training at the Vitomalia online dog school broad and individually tailored to your dog.


The most common criticism of an online course is the support and individuality of the offer. 

At an online dog school, the technology balances the personal support and training methods allow for individuality. In the online course there are groups in an online community and forums. The exchange enables questions to be answered. Live sessions via video call offer direct exchange with course participants. You will not be left alone with your questions. The exchange accompanies you and your dog with your current obstacle. The normal dog school has an advantage compared to the online dog school. Direct intervention and instruction by a dog trainer in the live situation is possible in the offline dog school on site, but not in an online course.


There are reasons why an online dog school makes more sense for you than a regular dog school. You can choose the online dog school and use the normal dog school as a supplement to dog training. 

No matter what reason brings you to an online dog school, at the Vitomalia online dog school we accompany you and your dog in your dog training together. We look forward to exchanging ideas with you! 

You can find out how to recognize a good dog school in our blog “How do I find the right dog school?”.


  • There is no dog school in your area
  • It's not a good time for you to take part in the course
  • You are missing the right course offering 
  • The costs for dog training are high
  • The dog school in your area does not work according to your desired training philosophy
  • There are only courses on the dog park with no real connection to dog training
  • The chemistry between you and the dog trainer is not right
  • Your dog will be excluded from dog school because of its breed, size or behavior
  • You cannot read and watch the training content of the dog school repeatedly
  • Your actions in dog training and dog training are not explained to you in a logical and comprehensible way