Affenpinscher Hund steht vor weissen Hintergrund


essence: Fearless, Vigilant, Tenacious

Size: Klein 

Height: 25-30 cm

Weight: 4-6 kg

Life expectancy: 12-15 years

Trap type: middle hair

Colors: Black, Grey, Belge, Tan, Red

FCI Group: Pinscher - Schnauzer - Molosser - Swiss Mountain Dogs

Nature of the Affenpinscher

The Affenpinscher impresses with its unique nature and charming personality. A lively, bright and courageous dog, the Affenpinscher manages to win the hearts of dog lovers by storm. Its distinctive character and distinctive facial expressions make this breed a special member of the family.

Intelligent and eager to learn, the Affenpinscher is adaptable and curious. He is always willing to discover and learn new things. His high level of perception enables him to quickly internalize commands and tricks, which makes living with him an exciting experience.

The Affenpinscher is a loyal and affectionate companion that is loyal to its family. With his loving nature, he manages to build a close bond with his people and to give them a lot of joy. At the same time, as an attentive watchdog, he proves his protective instinct and takes care of his loved ones.

Despite its small size, the Affenpinscher shows a self-confident and independent character. His courageous demeanor and his strong assertiveness don't let him shy away from the presence of larger dogs. Nevertheless, he always remains friendly and tolerable when dealing with conspecifics and other animals.

The Affenpinscher is an energetic and active dog that requires adequate exercise and mental challenges in order to fully express themselves. With his playful and humorous nature, he provides a lot of variety and entertainment, which is why he is ideal for families, singles and seniors who are looking for a loyal and entertaining companion.

In summary, the Affenpinscher impresses with its lively, intelligent and courageous nature, which makes it a charming and lovable family dog. With its unmistakable character and adaptability, the Affenpinscher is a loyal companion that enriches the lives of its owners.

Character & Traits of the Affenpinscher

The Affenpinscher is an intriguing breed of dog that is characterized by its distinctive charm and distinctive traits. Here are some of the key personality traits and traits that define the Affenpinscher:


  1. Lively: The Affenpinscher is an energetic, bright dog that is always active and curious. He loves to move and explore his surroundings.

  2. Intelligent: This breed is characterized by a high level of comprehension and a willingness to learn. The Affenpinscher quickly understands what is expected of him and masters new challenges with flying colours.

  3. Bold: Despite its small size, the Affenpinscher shows a self-confident and bold demeanor. He is not easily intimidated and is in no way inferior to his larger peers.

  4. Affectionate: The Affenpinscher is a loyal and affectionate companion who forms close bonds with his humans and enjoys being around them.

  5. Vigilant: As an alert guard dog, the Affenpinscher demonstrates its protective instincts and ensures the well-being of its family.


  1. Size: The Affenpinscher is a small dog, typically standing at around 10 to 12 inches (25 to 30 cm) at the shoulder.

  2. Weight: This breed usually weighs between 3.5 and 6 kg, although there can be some gender differences.

  3. Coat: The Affenpinscher's coat is wiry, dense, and rough, most commonly coming in colors such as black, gray, beige, or reddish brown. The coat requires regular grooming to stay in good condition.

  4. Face: One of the most distinctive characteristics of the Affenpinscher is its monkey-like face with a rounded forehead, short muzzle and bushy eyebrows. His facial expressions give him an unmistakable expression.

  5. Life Expectancy: The Affenpinscher is a hardy breed with an average life expectancy of 12 to 15 years provided they are given the right care and diet.

The Affenpinscher is thus a lively, intelligent and courageous dog with a number of notable traits and traits that make him a unique and lovable companion. His distinctive character and striking appearance make him an ideal choice for people looking for a loyal, fun, and adaptable family pet.


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